Finance Committee – Internal (non-political)

  • To provide guidance, assistance and ensure the accountability framework is adhered to for the overall operations of Mississauga First Nation
  • To promote efficiencies in operations
  • To ensure consistency in the preparation and processing of financial information
  • To ensure timeliness of the provision of information to Chief and Council
  • To review, revise, recommend changes to the Finance Policies and Procedures as necessary.


Program Management Team – Internal (non-political)

  • To support and promote the vision and mission of Mississauga First Nation
  • To support and act as liaison between each of the program areas
  • To coordinate long term sustainable employment for Mississauga First Nation
  • To provide education and awareness of programs and services available to members
  • To share information and solicit assistance for programs and services
  • To coordinate activities including upcoming events and yearly planning
  • To improve communication
  • To improve service delivery
  • To support staff
  • To ensure consistency with policies and procedures
  • To develop and/or recommend policies and procedures
  • To effectively manage resources including inventory and facilities
  • To follow best practices in management


Health and Safety Committee- Internal (non-political)

  • To identify, evaluate and recommend a resolution on all matters pertaining to health and safety in the workplace, to management
  • To recommend continuing education and training programs in order that all employees are knowledgeable in their rights, responsibilities and duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Mississauga First Nation Policies and Procedures
  • To address matters related to Hazardous Materials, where applicable
  • To deal with any health, safety or environmental matters that the health and Safety Committee deems appropriate
  • To work in compliance with Section 9 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Chi-Naakinagewin Committee

  • Responsible for the implementation of Mississauga First Nation Constitution
  • To plan and secure community consultation into the future by developing and ensuring effective communication
  • To continue addressing community issues and concerns regarding the MFN legal development
  • To provide support and direction to community citizens by ensuring the MFN Citizens will be exercising their right to self-government
  • To lobby for and secure adequate resources, (human, natural, physical, and financial) for the continuous growth of the community, land base and different levels of the constitution
  • To implement and communicate community drive proves that provides a strong membership voice into all matters affecting Misswezahging First Nation Government


Membership Committee

  • Preserve and promote the integrity and identity of the Mississauga First Nation
  • Determine who shares the rights and obligations of membership
  • Provide Council with the necessary support required to consider new proposed By-Laws
  • Agree to effectively resolve concerns and answer questions regarding our Election Code.
  • Responsible for Mississauga First Nation membership issues


Health and Social Services Committee

  • To develop a working familiarity with existing programs and services within the Health & Social Services Unit.
  • To develop a working familiarity with partnering health and social agencies that provide on-site services to the community membership.
  • To ensure enquiries from the membership are brought to the attention of the Committee in a constructive and ethical manner, for deliberations and follow-up, where appropriate.
  • To assist in community education of programs and services, including service limitations, confidentiality requirements and program or client eligibility, assessments and criteria.
  • To identify gaps in services, recognize barriers to service delivery and make viable and constructive recommendations to the Unit, both on a long-term and short-term basis.
  • To participate in the planning and development of new/enhanced services or the restructuring of existing programs in partnership with the Health &Social Services team.
  • To respect the different professional and traditional approaches to care and recognize the strengths of programs and program workers.
  • To review quality assurance indicators and evaluation results to ensure the Unit’s financial resources are maximized for the benefit of the community membership.
  • To review quality assurance indicators and receive membership concerns to ensure that services are being equitably and equally delivered within the Mississauga First Nation.
  • To ensure programs are responsive to the needs of the First Nation by reviewing reports, work plans, budgets, and policies, and providing constructive feedback/recommendations.


Lands And Resources Committee

  • Assist with the development of the land administration system;
  • Advise Chief and Council on matters respecting Mississauga First Nation lands;
  • Recommend laws, resolutions, policies and practises respecting the management of Mississauga First Nation land to Chief and Council;
  • Hold regular meetings and special meetings of the Committee members to discuss land issues and make recommendation to chief an council on the resolution of these land matters;
  • Assist with the flow of information on land issues between Band members and Band Council;
  • In consultation with the Community, ensure that rules and procedures are developed that address the following matters:
    • Environment protection and assessment in relation to MFN land;
    • Any outstanding issues on the resolution of disputes in relation to MFN land;
    • Inter-Treaty Harvesting Strategy;
    • Land use planning and zoning;
    • Section 39 respecting the spousal separation and;
    • Other duties as assigned by Chief and Council.


Housing Committee

  • To provide accurate information to and/on inquiries from the membership regarding housing issues
  • To make recommendations to Chief and Council according to the Housing Policies
  • To ensure that Mississauga First Nation Housing standards are responsive to the needs of the its members
  • To be/stay informed on relevant issues pertaining to housing
  • To provide input based on own observations and experience to identify (new/existing) housing needs
  • To volunteer when able, to assist with tasks, activities, and functions related to housing
  • To identify gaps in service, barriers, strengths in all areas of housing
  • To participate in the planning and development of housing strategies
  • To make recommendations on ways to communicate information, on housing issues, to the First Nation members
  • To promote communications, on housing issues with the membership by developing a communication strategy


Education Committee

  • Identify the educational concerns and needs of their community and how it impacts the people
  • Identify alternative methods of addressing education needs and concerns within the community
  • Identify where more community education development is required in order to attain an adequate level of peace
  • Act as liaison between the Community and Chief and Council
  • Assist in promoting Community involvement in the development of an educational community
  • Ensure Chief and Council and Community members are in support of recommendations passed by the Education Committee before implementation
  • Update Community on new education initiatives
  • Work closely with the School Boards and keep open lines of communication with all agencies and service providers within the community and surrounding area


Pow-Wow Committee

  • To act as an advisory to Chief and Council Pow-Wow related issues
  • To make informed recommendations and motions to Chief and Council
  • To keep accurate financial records of the committee’s accounts and report it to Chief an Council in the minutes
  • To act as a forum for community members to access cultural information
  • To fundraise, organize and promote committee sponsored events
  • To actively participate in all committee meetings and committee sponsored events
  • To develop and implement objectives each new term to meet the goals of the committee.


Elder’s Group

Responsible for the Elder’s activity planning


Youth Group

Responsible for the Youth activity plannin

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