The MFN strategic plan calls for the Community Economic Development officer to support community and social development linking the economic needs to the social, cultural and environmental needs, wants and desires of our First Nation community and its members. It is a base to build the communities self-reliance and generate   sustainable economic growth, community control and to increase the capacity for Mississauga First Nation members, both on Reserve and off Reserve to participate in the economy from an economically sustainable standpoint.


The program mandate is to effectively manage and be accountable for program funding intended to support economic development in training and employment support, business support for existing as well as start-up businesses, resource management support and other related economic development activities undertaken on behalf of the Mississauga First Nation and its membership to attain economically sustainable ventures.


Your Community Economic Development Officer is now a CERTIFIED BROKER For Communities & Destinations “TEN” Program


Tourism Excellence North, known by its acronym ‘TEN’ is a suite of self-assessment tools, group learning and personalized coaching opportunities. Customized for use by tourism operators, communities and destinations across Northern Ontario, TEN is designed to help tourism related business and communities improve the quality of the product you offer, enhance the visitor experience and contribute to a healthy bottom line. As you invest, we invest.  Visit the site to see how your Community EDO can facilitate an evaluation session for your business at no charge to you.





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