The MFN Education administers the provisions of services to students attending Elementary and Secondary Schools. These services are provided within the limitations of funding. Accordingly, these policies and procedures ensure that any financial support which is being afforded to a student is regulated and monitored. Particulars within these guidelines also ensure that financial support is justified and distributed fairly to qualifying students.


Special Education

Special Education Program (SEP) programs and services are divided into two categories: direct service delivery and indirect service delivery.  Seventy five (75) percent of expenditures must be for direct services with the remaining amount twenty five (25) percent of SEP funding being allocated to the indirect services categories.

Mississauga First Nation Education Department has identified the following categories which programming will be delivered according to INAC guidelines.  Mississauga First Nation Special Education program supports three employees: Native Student Mentors at St. Mary’s, Blind River Public School and WC Eaket.



School bussing services are provided for the safe transportation of all students of Mississauga First Nation. Each Principal will provide the Education Department with a list of all students who have been assigned to their bus and any revisions will be immediately provided as deemed necessary throughout the school year.


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