MFN employees a Fire Chief to coordinate a volunteer Fire Department.



A community that is safe from the devastating impact of fire, accidents/mishaps, or natural disasters.



To serve and protect the Mississauga First Nation by providing emergency response to fire, accidents/mishaps, or natural disasters and a dedication to the promotion of fire and safety and prevention by:

  • Providing 24 hour, seven days a week emergency response to any fire, accident/mishap, or natural disaster that may occur with in the Mississauga First Nation territory and/or surrounding areas.
  • Participating and promoting fire safety and prevention awareness by attending community events;
  • Maintaining a positive working relationship with other agencies to ensure that the maximum level of protection is assured to the Mississauga First Nation and its members/community; and,
  • Being visible to the community through actively training and maintaining a high level of readiness for any emergency.

















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