The overall mandate of the Health & Social Services Unit is the continuity and integration of health care and social support services, focusing on consistent efforts to enable individuals and families to prevent illnesses and injuries and to manage or improve their own/families health and well-being.


The Mississauga First Nation Health & Social Services Unit is a community based department within the Mississauga First Nation located east of Blind River, Ontario. The Unit offers health promotion and prevention of health problems, health intervention, mental health as well as social support services.

Health intervention services are provided by visiting North Shore Tribal Council health practitioners and independent health practitioners.


The Health & Social Services Unit maintains a standard of community member’s privacy and trust. All regulated health professionals are licensed by their respective regulating bodies and bound by the Regulated Health Professions Act which clearly defines confidentially around client information and record keeping/client charts. All other Health & Social Services employees are bound by a signed Oath of Confidentiality which defines confidentiality and around the required types of program and client information and identifies action for any breaches.


Health & Social Services Director, ext. 2227

Health Services Manager, ext. 2230

Social Services Manager, ext. 2240

Long Term Care Manager, 705-356-5579

Women's Shelter Manager, 705-356-7800


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