Road maintenance for MFN is done by Public Works. These services include seasonal maintenance such as grading, patching, pot hole repairs, ditching, brushing, culvert installations etc. and winter control operations. Any major repairs are contracted out.



MFN has a primary and secondary operator for its type 2 Water Treatment system. Water is piped to homes from several community wells (groundwater). The Water Treatment System was constructed in 1998. The system has a Design Capacity of 694.8m3/day, actual capacity is currently 397.4m3/day. Water is disinfected (chlorinated) to kill any microorganisms in the water. Currently, the system connects to 146 homes through 7700m of pipe. Based on a recent water assessment MFN was recognized as meeting all the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Wastewater Individual septic systems are utilized for wastewater treatment.


Solid Waste

Garbage Waste is dropped off at the new landfill in bins at the landfill in the northern part of the community before being transported out of the reserve.


Recycling Program

Blue bins are collected from each house by Public Works staff and then sorted into three bins: cans and plastics, cardboard, and paper. The bins are then picked up and delivered to the Blind River Municipal Waste facility.



The two large central subdivisions are serviced by propane lines.


Community Facilities

The Infrastructure Department is responsible for the maintenance of Facilities/Public Buildings.

1. Dreamcatcher Complex (Administration Building)

2. Sports & Cultural Centre (In Motion Fitness Centre)

3. Dream Catcher Field

4. Culture & Heritage Centre

5. Cemetery

6. Daycare

7. Water Treatment Plant

8. Fire Hall

9. Education Office

10. Library

11. Red Pine Lodge

Walking in Balance


Fire Services

Public Works


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