Community Support Services Worker

To plan and implement Prevention Programs, within the context of educational/recreational /physical activities that will enhance self-esteem, family bonding and community pride for Mississauga First Nation members.

To act as a community support service system that assists families in emergency situations.

• To sponsor events or activities that promote family bonding, enhancement of self-esteem and community pride.

• To implement programs that assist families in emergency situations. ie. food bank, budgeting, food preparation on a budget.

• To implement some of the events/activities after hours or on weekends, at times, in order to encourage optimum community participation. ie. National Day of the Child, Child Abuse Prevention Month Events, Family Swim.


Community Wellness Coordinator

• To provide one-on-one counseling.

• To act as a referral service to other health and social service providers.

• Provide professional Mental Health Service in a wholistic manner.

• To be a referral, liaison/support and advocacy service for Mississauga First Nation members on issues relating to conflict management, addictions, grief and community crisis.

• To provide child, youth, adult, individual, family or group therapy as appropriate.


Social Services Manager

The Assistant Director is responsible to assist the Health & Social Services Director in the development and management of all administrative and finance, personnel and service delivery functions of Social Services. In the absence of the Director, the Manager acts as the resource person to the Unit.

• Administrative and Finance Support

• Service Delivery Monitoring

• Personnel Oversight

• Program Development


Band Representative

To represent the Mississauga First Nation’s interest in child protection proceedings or hearing, as a party to Child Welfare proceedings, that involves one or more children, who is/are a band member(s) or who is entitled to have band membership with Mississauga First Nation.

To report disposition of cases to Chief & Council and/or their designate and to assess and appeal decisions, as directed by Chief & Council.

To have consult with First Nation’s legal counsel as required.

• To participate in meetings with the CAS on the specifics of each case and to have consultations with Chief & Council

• Preparing for presentation at court by developing a plan of care and filing and serving court documents.

• To work with other Mississauga First Nation service providers in case planning activities.


Youth Coordinator

• To provide Mississauga First Nation youth (5-18 yrs) with the opportunity to participate in social, cultural, educational and recreational activities.

• To plan and implement youth workshops on various topics and issues such as: youth wellness, fitness, health careers, STD’s, relationship, leadership, etc.

• To plan and implement social, recreational, cultural and educational programs creating identity.

• To plan and implement the summer day camp program: to promote the importance of summer safety for the health & wellness of Mississauga First Nation youth (5-12 yrs) by providing cultural, educational and recreational programs with activities in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Family Resource Coordinator

The Aboriginal Healthy Babies/Healthy Children Program is a prevention & intervention strategy for families with children aged 0-6 years.

The Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program is achieved through meeting three core elements: nutrition screening, counseling and education, including, maternal nourishment with lastly breastfeeding education, promotion and support.

The Maternal Child Health Program supporting pregnant First Nation women and their families with infants and young children, who reside on the First Nation, helping them reach their fullest developmental and lifetime potential.

To assist and work with children experiencing delays of development and enhance parenting skills to promote healthy child development in the home or in programming.

To provide activities planned, with the focus on prenatal and post-natal care.

To deliver community-based activities to First Nation women and their children assisting them to gain knowledge and support through culturally based programming which can be easily adapted to.


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